Trip Planning Timeline

Great! You’ve enrolled in your IU Bicentennial Grand Expedition Trip! Congratulations!

Now what?

Use this page as a guide or, if you’d like instead, download a Printable Trip Planning Timeline.

There are some logistics that we need to work through to ensure a successful enrollment of this trip. Please use the checklist and time table below.

Three to Four Months Before the Trip

  1. Read through the information provided thoroughly!
  2. Purchase Travel Insurance
  3. Get/Renew Passport
  4. Book a flight
  5. Book transportation from your airport to Interlaken, Switzerland
  6. Send Alpenglow Education your Travel Insurance, Passport Expiration Date, Flight Information, and Transportation Ticket Information by May 1, 2020.

Two Months Before the Trip

  1. Fill out the Trip Forms by May 1, 2020.
  2. Select a “Choose Your Own Adventure” activity and let Alpenglow schedule that for you – by May 15, 2020.
  3. Chat with fellow enrollees to coordinate travel plans and activities.

One Month Before the Trip

  1. Purchase an Orange SIM card or call your cell service provider to set up an international data plan.
  2. Download all the cool travel apps.
  3. Ensure you have a credit/debit card or 2 that you will use abroad. Call those companies to put a travel notice on your account.
  4. Ensure you have everything for the packing list.
  5. Ensure all your tickets, confirmations, etc. are on the Tripit app.
  6. Join the Groupme. (Look for this a few weeks before our trip.)

One Week Before the Trip

  1. Pack.
  2. Tell your friends and family about your amazing future adventure.
  3. Make sure someone is set up to take care of your bills, plants, cat, fish, etc.
  4. Embark on the journey of a lifetime!

Printable Trip Planning Timeline