Trip Itinerary

*Itinerary subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control

**Dates and times listed are in Central European Summer Time (CEST) zone


7/4 1 Trek Austria Arrive in Innsbruck
7/5 2 Trek Austria Explore Innsbruck. Pack gear and food needs for trek.
7/6 3 Trek Austria Shuttle from Innsbruck to Pertisau. Hike to Lamsenjochutte (3.5 miles)
7/7 4 Trek Austria Hike Lamsenjochutte to Falkkenhutte (7.6 miles)
7/8 5 Trek Austria Hike Falkkenhutte to Karwendelhaus Lodge (5.5 miles)
7/9 6 Trek Austria Hike Karwendelhaus to Halleranger Hut (8.7 miles)
7/10 7 Trek Austria Hike Helleranger Hut to Hafelekar (7.6 miles). Nordkette Cable Car down to Innsbruck.
7/11 8 Trek Austria Deissue day in Innsbruck
7/12 9 Trek Austria Depart

Detailed Description

Day 1 – Arrive in Innsbruck at whatever time works best for your travel schedule. We’ll be expecting you at your arrival time you provided us prior to the trip. Head to the hotel to drop your bags off and settle in to our accommodations. Depending on time of day, grab a travel partner and head in town to walk around and grab a bite to eat. Welcome to Innsbruck!

Day 2 – We will spend our first day exploring around Innsbruck, seeing the Golden Roof and the Innsbruck Cathedral. We will also grab some provisions for the trail (breakfast and dinner are provided by the hut, so we will grab some lunch and snack stuff). Our last task of the day is to pack our packs for the trek tomorrow. Don’t worry, they’ll be quite light! Anything you’re not taking on the trail can be left at the hotel.

Day 3 – Off we go to the Adlerweg! We will take a shuttle to the mountain town of Pertisau; we will get driven as far up the road towards the mountains as possible until it dead ends, leaving us with a first hike of about 3.5 miles to the Lamsenjoch Hut. There we will enjoy our first alpine hut experience, with a catered dinner then off to bed!

Day 4 – We will wake up in Lamsenjoch Hut to a delicious, hearty breakfast. We will hit the trail, trekking about 7.6 miles toward Falkkenhutte. Here we will eat dinner and commune with other trekkers!

Day 5 – Ah, another day on the trail. Breakfast at Falkkenhutte then a 5.5 mile trek to Karwendelhaus. Dinner here. 

Day 6 – A big day from Karwendelhaus to Helleranger Hut (8.7 miles). Enjoy our last full day on the trail.

Day 7 – From Helleranger, we have a 7.6 mile trek to Hafelekar. That is the top of the lift that runs from the town of Innsbruck up into the mountains. We will take the cable car lift down into the heart of Innsbruck! Proud and tired from our trek, we will head back to the hotel to tuck in for the night. Sleep tight!

Day 8 – Let’s take a leisurely day to rest, unpack from the trek, repack for your future travels, and wander around a bit more in lovely Innsbruck. Enjoy our last night here together in Austria!

Day 9 – Depart at whatever time works best for your travels. Check out from the hotel is at 11am. Danke! Auf Wiedersehen!