Travel Insurance

One of the requirements for this trip and the very first thing you should do once you decide to enroll is to acquire Travel Insurance.

What is it – Travel insurance will often cover various trip expenses should hiccups or major issues in your travel occur. For example, if your flight is cancelled, it may cover the cost of your new flight. It also is medical insurance. Should something happen to you while abroad and you need medical attention, travel insurance may cover part of your expenses. Travel insurance is the first thing you want to purchase, even before your flight, because it will cover subsequent travel-related expenses (i.e. the flight you purchase shortly after you purchase travel insurance). It is often not retroactive (i.e. if you purchased your flight before insurance.)

How do I get it – We recommend World Nomads or Travelex

How much is it – $70 to $160 per person, depending on the length of your trip and if you add any add-ons, like adventure sports insurance.

Please be sure to read through the policy. We require this because due to factors outside of our control (i.e. weather, civil unrest, acts of terror, etc.), it is possible that your travels may be significantly interrupted or that you may require medical attention. Alpenglow Education, Indiana University Outdoor Adventures, and Indian University are not liable for these and other events. You must have Travel Insurance to participate on this trip, for our safety and yours.

Once you have obtained your Travel Insurance Policy, please upload your policy information under the Trip Forms Menu.