We recommend flying into Zurich, Switzerland; Geneva, Switzerland; or Munich, Germany to get to Interlaken for the trip. (There is also an airport in Interlaken, but this might be pricier than flying into a larger city.)

We recommend doing LOTS of shopping around for flights before booking. There are plenty of deals to be had for the intentional and dedicated traveler. 

Remember, there is a significant time difference between us and Switzerland. Double-check your dates and times to see what time zone they are in, ensuring you don’t arrive a day earlier or later than your actual course start. All the information about the course is in CEST. For example, we check in to our Airbnb on June 24 at 4pm CEST (which is June 24 at 10am in Bloomington, IN).

Trains and Buses

We recommend using the app/website Trainline to find the right ticket to Interlaken. See below for likely “from” and “to” bus stop names. For your departure time, make sure to give yourself plenty of time at the airport to land, get your baggage, make your way around the airport, etc. Trainline will punch out what trains/buses you need to take, at what times, how long you have to transfer between the train to the next one, and will allow you to purchase ALL needed tickets in one click! Trainline tickets become available about 2 months ahead of the departure date.

Forward your tickets to the Tripit app (see “Apps”) and use Google Maps (see “Cell Service and Wifi”) to ensure you transfer at the right spots. Also, just pay attention. The bus/train stop will be announced, will likely be pulled up on a screen in the bus, and will be outside the window on a sign at the actual stop itself. 

Don’t worry too much about getting around on public transport. Let us know when you will be traveling to Interlaken and from where, and we will help you pick the right tickets and give you any tips and tricks you’ll want to know for getting here! We got you!

If you fly into Zurich Airport, your Trainline search will be from Zurich Flughafen to Interlaken West. This journey is approximately 2 hours.

If you fly into Geneva Airport, your Trainline search will be from Genève Aéroport (Geneva) to Interlaken West. This journey is approximately 3.5 hours.

If you fly into Munich Airport, your Trainline search will be from München Flughafen Terminal (Munich) to Interlaken West. This journey is approximately 8.5 hours.

From Interlaken West, it is about a 9-minute walk to our villa.

Once you have your flight and also your train tickets booked, please upload the details under the Trip Forms menu.