Choose Your Own Adventure Day

As mentioned in the Itinerary, Day 6 of the trip will be “Choose Your Own Adventure Day”. We wanted to make sure you all had the freedom to do what you’d like on your trip to Interlaken. We have worked with local vendors and businesses to set up some very cool adventures. Take a look below to see what the options are and the costs associated with the options. These activities are chosen by you the individual and paid for in addition to the trip fee. We will make the reservation for you; you’ll pay the vendor/business directly on the day of your adventure. Please let us know ahead of time what you’d like to partake in so we can make sure the guides are ready for you!

Due to the time it takes to partake in these activities, you’ll only be able to do one. Have fun!


Activity Description Estimated Cost
Paragliding Soar above the lakes and the valley with a once-in-a-lifetime experience paragliding! $145 – $225 
Boat ride Take a relaxing tour of Lake Brienz. ~$35-50
Stand Up Paddle Boarding or Kayaking Adventure out on light blue Lake Brienz on a SUP or kayak! Choose to do your own thing or join a tour. ~$40-100 (depending on rental or guided tour)
Hike/Explore Town Enjoy doing your own thing in town or take a gorgeous hike! Free!

Once you’ve decided what you’d like to do, we’ll go ahead and make a reservation for you to ensure you a spot. Please indicate via the Google Form in the forms section of the portal which activity you’d like to try! You’ll also be able to see what other participants have signed up to do that day.