Behavioral First Responder Certification Level 2 (Online)


Welcome to the advanced Behavioral First Responder Level 2 Certification, an extension of the Level 1 program tailored for field staff in the outdoor industry. Building upon the foundational skills acquired in Level 1, this certification delves deeper into theories and systematic practices to promote mental health and behavioral wellness.

In the Behavioral First Responder Level 2 Certification, we go beyond hands-on skills and practical techniques to explore the underlying theories that inform our understanding of human behavior in outdoor settings. By delving into theories from psychology, counseling, and social work, you will gain a comprehensive knowledge base that enables you to comprehend the root causes of behavioral challenges better.

Moreover, this certification equips you with systematic practices designed to foster mental health and behavioral wellness in yourself and the participants you work with. Through evidence-based approaches, you will learn strategies to create a supportive and inclusive environment that promotes emotional well-being and positive behavioral outcomes.

By completing the Behavioral First Responder Level 2 Certification, you will have a deepened understanding of behavioral issues in outdoor settings, enhanced communication and crisis intervention skills, conflict resolution techniques, and the ability to create an environment that prioritizes the mental health and well-being of all participants.