Welcome to the CSULB Wilderness Studies Payment Portal. On this site, you can pay for your course. Pay attention to which product your are paying for. Your options are

  • Deposit – this option will secure your spot on the ELC and you can pay the remainder at a later time
  • Full Payment – this is your one-stop option to pay for the entirety of the ELC
  • Remainder – this option is for people who have previously paid for the deposit for the ELC
  • Thanks for being in this course and we can’t wait to get outside with you!

Also, don’t forget to review the REFUND policy.

R 244 Kayaking ELC Payment

This is the payment to secure your spot on the Kayaking ELC to the Lower Colorado River.

R 244 Kayaking Deposit

Please purchase this product to secure your spot via a deposit on the R244 Kayaking ELC to the Colorado River.

R 244 Kayaking Remainder

Purchase this product to pay the remainder of the balance toward your spot on the ELC for R244 kayaking to the lower Colorado River!