Welcome to the CSULB Wilderness Studies Payment Portal. On this site, you can pay for your course. Pay attention to which product your are paying for. Your options are

  • Deposit – this option will secure your spot on the ELC and you can pay the remainder at a later time
  • Full Payment – this is your one-stop option to pay for the entirety of the ELC
  • The remainder – this option is for people who have previously paid for the deposit for the ELC
  • Thanks for being in this course and we can’t wait to get outside with you!

Also, don’t forget to review the REFUND policy.

Backpacking ELC (Full Payment)

Want to go ahead and pay for the ELC in full? This is your option for doing so!

Backpacking ELC Deposit

Choose this product to secure your spot on our trip!

Backpacking ELC Remainder

Use this product to pay for the remainder of the fee for backpacking AFTER you've paid the deposit.