Wildfire Awareness

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In an age where wildfire risks are increasingly prevalent, outdoor professionals have a crucial role in ensuring the safety, continuity, and evolution of experiential education programs. This comprehensive e-learning course is designed specifically for those who champion outdoor endeavors and are seeking in-depth knowledge on mitigating the challenges posed by wildfires.

Course Description:

  • Introduction: Dive deep into understanding why the threat of wildfires is intensifying. Get a historical perspective of the issue and grasp the urgent need for action in the arena of Adventure Education (AE) programming.

  • Planning and Preparing: Modify and evolve your existing program techniques to better withstand the disruptions caused by wildfires. Get acquainted with invaluable resources for planning around wildfire interruptions and establish a systematic approach to monitoring wildfire activities, ensuring your programs run smoothly and safely.

  • Emergency Action Plan: Revise and refresh your Emergency Action Plan with the latest techniques and considerations pertaining to wildfires. Build a robust protocol tailored to your organization’s needs that ensures both on-site and off-site safety during wildfire events.

  • Staff Training Considerations: Ensure that your team is equipped and ready. Design a comprehensive training plan to prepare staff for the nuances of managing and mitigating wildfire challenges. From pre-course groundwork to in-field protocols, ensure every member is adept at handling wildfire-related issues.

  • Programming for the Future: Delve into the forward-thinking strategies needed to adapt and transform your programs. Recognize and address the growing challenge of wildfires in shaping the future of Experiential Education (EE) initiatives.

By the conclusion of this course, participants will be proficient in assessing the risks wildfires pose to their programs, evaluating their readiness quotient, and building a holistic risk management plan. Additionally, learners will be equipped with a resource-rich toolkit, helping them anticipate future wildfire risks and shape the trajectory of their programs.

Join us on this enlightening journey and champion the cause of safe and adaptive outdoor programming in the face of wildfire challenges.